Reclassification Scale

A Reclassification scale system will be in place to determine in-season class changes from Novice to Regional A, Regional A to A class or vice versa.  The scale will be in effect from the first show of the season through the Mid-season show.  The scale will go up by 2 points each week.  In order for a promotion to be triggered, a unit must achieve the total promotion score to go to the next higher class.  In order for a unit to move down a class their score must be 20 points below the promotion score.  No class changes will take place after the Mid-season show.


Only the total score is relevant to reclassification. Caption scores provided for reference only.

Week 1 – Jan 24

Promotion: Total Score of 68.0 (caption score 13.6)  Demotion: Total Score of 48.0 (caption score 9.6)

Week 2 – Jan 31

Promotion: Total Score of 70.0 (caption score 14.0)  Demotion: Total Score of 50.0 (caption score 10.0)

Week 3 – Feb 7

Promotion: Total Score of 72.0 (caption score 14.4)  Demotion: Total Score of 52.0 (caption score 10.4)

Week 4 – Feb 14

Promotion: Total Score of 74.0 (caption score 14.8)  Demotion: Total Score of 54.0 (caption score 10.8)

Week 5 – Feb 21

Promotion: Total Score of 76.0 (caption score 15.2)  Demotion: Total Score of 56.0 (caption score 11.2)

Week 6 – Feb 28

Promotion: Total Score of 78.0 (caption score 15.6)  Demotion: Total Score of 58.0 (caption score 11.6)

Week 7 (Mid-season Show) Mar 7

Promotion: Total Score of 80.0 (caption score 16.0)  Demotion: Total Score of 60.0 (caption score 12.0)