NJNJ encourages all judges to participate in WGI Certify powered by eadjudicate for professional development to ensure industry standards are maintained.

The following list represents the current 2019 Judges along with the eadjudicate level of completion. This list is maintained and updated regularly.

E-Adjudicate Level 1

Judge NameStatus
Aarons, JackiePending
Blalark, AntoinePending
Diamond, MichaelPending
Kierez, BernardPending
Kierez, BethPending
Lavelle, GeorgePending
Sekerchak, ElenaPending
Bartoli-Mattesi, MonicaCompleted
Boos, CarlCompleted
Cimino, AlyssaCompleted
Comerford, PeterCompleted
Doscher, EdCompleted
Gioffre, NickCompleted
Lopez, MyrnaCompleted
Mattis, GeorgeCompleted
Robertshaw, EricCompleted
Schell, BrianCompleted
Shyne, GretchenCompleted
Yaniga, DebbieCompleted

E-Adjudicate Level 2

Judge NameStatus
Gillick, CherylCompleted
Galleguillos, SebastianCompleted
Kenny, BrianCompleted
Riley, JamesCompleted

E-Adjudicate Level 3

Judge NameStatus
Delgado, IsraelCompleted
Dobis, JoeCompleted
Ulchinsky, JudyCompleted

WGI Judge

Judge Name
Jenkins, Ira
Sage, Adam
McCourt, Megan
Saccomanno, Billy
Dillion, Chris
Namian, Jeff
Kitchenman, Eric
Thompson, Michael