The following list represents the current 2020 Judges along with the eadjudicate level of completion. This list is maintained and updated regularly.

E-Adjudicate Level 1

Judge NameStatus
Aarons, JackieCompleted
Blalark, AntoineCompleted
Boos, CarlCompleted
Cimino, AlyssaCompleted
Doscher, EdCompleted
Kierez, BernardCompleted
Kierez, BethCompleted
Lavelle, GeorgeCompleted
Relyea, BobCompleted
Robertshaw, EricCompleted
Schell, BrianCompleted
Williams, JulianCompleted
Yaniga, DebbieCompleted

E-Adjudicate Level 2

Judge NameStatus
Babay, JoeyCompleted
Comerford, PeterCompleted
Gillick, CherylCompleted
Gioffre, NickCompleted
Hartman, SteveCompleted
Normandeau, RobertCompleted
Rosado, ChristopherCompleted
Shyne, GretchenCompleted
Tankard, PJCompleted

E-Adjudicate Level 3

Judge NameStatus
Riley, JamesCompleted
Vasquez, MichaelCompleted

E-Adjudicate Level 4

Judge NameStatus
Delgado, IsraelCompleted
Dobis, JoeCompleted
Dube, JoelCompleted
Kenny, BrianCompleted
Sherretz, BobbyCompleted
Valez, DannyCompleted

Circuit Certified Judge

Judge Name Caption
Delgado, IsraelDesign Analysis
Dobis, JoeGeneral Effect
Kenney, BrianEquipment
Sherretz, BobbyEquipment
Ulchinsky, JudyGeneral Effect

WGI Visiting Judges

Judges NameCaption
Dillon, ChristineGeneral Effect
Nguyen, Hieu Movement
Pavlock, MichaelGeneral Effect
Sage, AdamGeneral Effect