New Jersey Network of Judges(NJNJ) is managed by a volunteer Executive Board which oversees day-to-day operations and defines the strategic direction of the organization. Integrity and commitment to the performers run deep within each of these board members.


Ms. Cimino is the President of NJNJ and the primary contact for all judge related issues. Ms. Cimino also holds the title of  Judging Coordinator, who is responsible for scheduling all judging assignments and evaluating judge commentary and scoring in the captions of Equipment and Movement.  Ms. Cimino has been involved in the pageantry arts activity for over 40 years as a performer, instructor, designer, and adjudicator for color guard, drum corps and marching bands. Ms. Cimino is the co-founder of New Jersey Network of Judges.



Ms. Maniscalco is the Secretary for NJNJ and is responsible for recording all business meetings, handles all correspondence and maintains the current roster of judges.  Ms. Maniscalco also holds the title of Contest Coordinator, responsible for coordinating and communicating all show logistics with our Circuit Partner, Sponsors, Chief Judge, and Judges.  Born into the world of pageantry being the daughter of the late Cal and Mary Denniston, she has been involved in the pageantry arts activity for over 50 years as a performer, instructor, and adjudicator for color guard and marching bands. Ms. Maniscalco is also the co-founder of New Jersey Network of Judges.



Mr. Boos is the Vice President of the New Jersey Network of Judges and is responsible for judge recruitment and marketing.  Mr. Boos has been involved in the marching music and pageantry arts activity for over 40 years as a performer, instructor, visual designer, and adjudicator for color guard, drum corps and marching bands.


Ms. Philhower-Gillick is the NJNJ Treasurer, responsible for maintaining the financial records. Ms. Philhower-Gillick is also responsible for all fundraiser activities such as Championship T-Shirt sales and Individual & Ensemble Special Events. Ms. Philhower-Gillick has been involved with performing arts activities for most of her life.  Throughout her career, she has held the position of designer, technician, caption head and director for numerous marching bands and winter color guards in the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area.  Ms. Philhower-Gillick is also an adjudicator for color guard and marching bands.


Mr. Doscher is the  Education and Training Coordinator for NJNJ. In addition to developing our annual education plan, Mr. Doscher acts as a facilitator and mentor to all current and prospective judges for education and membership development. He is also responsible for training potential new judges as well as evaluating current judge commentary and scoring in the captions of Design Analysis and General Effect.  Throughout his pageantry arts career, he has been a performer, held the position of a designer, technician, and adjudicator for color guard, drum corps and marching bands.


        JUDGE                               CAPTION
Aarons, Jackie General Effect
Babay, Joey General Effect
Blalark, Antoine Equipment, Movement
Blalark, Jackie Timing & Penalties
Bongiovi, Pam Tabulation, Digital
Boos, Carl Design Analysis, General Effect
Boos, Erica Tabulation, Digital
Cimino, Alyssa Equipment, Movement
Comerford, Peter Design Analysis, General Effect
Delgado, Israel Design Analysis, General Effect
Devlin, John Timing & Penalties
Dobis, Joe General Effect
Doscher,Ed Design Analysis, General Effect
Dube, Joel Movement
Gillick, Cheryl Equipment, Movement
Gioffre, Nick Equipment,  Design Analysis, General Effect
Hartman, Steve General Effect
Hammond, Monica Tabulation, Digital
Kenny, Brian Equipment, Movement
Kierez, Bernard Equipment
Kierez, Beth Movement
Krzywiec, Calvin Tabulation, Digital
Krzywiec, Dedrick Tabulation, Digital
Krzywiec, Valerie Tabulation, Digital
Lavelle, George General Effect
Maniscalco, Beverly Tabulation, Digital
Normandeau, Robert General Effect
Perdikos, Marybeth Tabulation, Digital, Timing & Penalties
Relyea, Bob Design Analysis, General Effect
Riley, James Design Analysis, General Effect
Robertshaw, Eric Design Analysis, General Effect
Rosado, Chris Equipment
Schell, Brian Timing & Penalties
Sherretz, Robert Equipment
Tankard, PJ Equipment, Movement
Shyne, Gretchen Equipment, Movement
Ulchinsky, Judy Equipment,  Movement, Design Analysis, General Effect
Vazquez, Michael Design Analysis, General Effect
Velez, Dan Design Analysis
Williams, Julian General Effect
Yaniga, Debbie General Effect

                                                WGI JUDGES

           JUDGE                      CAPTION
Dillon, Christine General Effect
Nguyen, Hieu Movement
Pavlock, Michael General Effect
Sage, Adam Movement, General Effect
Ed Doscher has been involved in the Pageantry Arts since his high school days. He was a member of The Jonathan Dayton HS band and winter guard. His interest in high school then turned into a passion for teaching and marching. He continued his work with his high school for 5 years as well as their middle school. Ed’s marching credits also included the NY Royal Guardsmen and the Sunrisers Drum Corps where he was a member and caption head for many years. Ed has also taught the Raiders Hurricnanes and the Skyliners. Ed has taught many winter guards and bands throughout the years. He has been the color guard caption head at Immaculata High School for the past 27 years.  He currently teaches the Bayonne Bridgemen Alumni during the summer. Judging affiliations include NJNJ.  He currently judges for the MAIN, US Bands, DCA and MAC circuits, and various other circuits. Ed has been judging for 10+ years.