MAIN Clinic Presentation

NJNJ strives to continually provide quality education to our judges, circuit guards, and circuit instructors.

We plan on regularly updating this page with educational content related to design and adjudication. Please view the educational resources below.

Up Close and Personal with a NJNJ Judge — Elena Antolik

NJNJ’s inaugural 2013 season saw the establishment of new relationships with out-of-the-area judges.  Among these is Elena Antolik, movement adjudicator.  How she arrived at this new relationship and how she views winter guard is a lesson in vision, endurance, and

Pride of Netherlands – Interview with Adam Sage

With each new season, we are greeted with more international guards competing in WGI. That is also the case this year with the Pride of Netherlands venturing to the new world to compete against the best Open guards. Our participants,

Uniforms and Costumes Presentation

At the 2013 MAIN Membership Clinic, Joseph La Cotre was kind enough to share his insight and observations on the pageantry world and its use of costuming to tell a story or best represent each units theme. Attached is the powerpoint that