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NJNJ always welcomes new people into our family of adjudicators. This invitation applies to anyone who has a strong understanding of color guard, indoor percussion, marching band and drum corps as they apply to theater arts, dance and music. A history of successful instruction or pervious adjudication experience can even further advance one’s qualifications.

Judges who wish to judge in the NJNJ undergo a training and professional development program to assure that their commentary, rankings, and ratings of the units they judge are in compliance with a consistent judging philosophy. Training to be a judge can take from 1-3 seasons and involves academic and practical judge training in a curriculum developed by our Education Team.

NJNJ continually shares resources and personnel with an extensive network of local judging circuits that are based throughout the country.

Those affiliated with competing organizations may still qualify for an NJNJ judging panel since we realize that the contributions of current instructors can offer very meaningful insight. That more than out-weighs the additional demands such unique scheduling requires.

If you are interested in more information please complete an application.