2020 NJNJ Scholarship

As a non-profit organization, each year NJNJ sponsors a scholarship that is awarded to a performer of a unit in good standing with the MAIN Color Guard Circuit and is furthering their education at a trade school, community college, or university.

The NJNJ Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that Shelby Page from Empress Winter Guard is the recipient of the 2020 NJNJ Scholarship and has been awarded $500.00. Syndey will be attending Mercer Community College in the Fall. Here is an excerpt from Shleby’s scholarship which is poignant to many: “Do not be afraid of who you are because you are here for a reason; that reason for me is to be a hands-on leader, especially while holding a flag, rifle, and a sabre as these hands are made for twirling.”

We wish Shelby the Best of Luck.